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Top 5 Decoded Myths about the Instagram Algorithm 2021

Top 5 Decoded Myths about the Instagram Algorithm 2021

Top 5 Decoded Myths about the Instagram Algorithm 2021

Are you ready to separate facts from myths about the Instagram algorithm? Instagram posted a series of Instagram Stories and walked their followers through the most common questions about the Insta algorithm. Here are these questions and answers you’ve been waiting for so long:

Decoded Myth No1: The First 30 Minutes After Posting Doesn’t Determine Your Ranking

This myth has been a huge rumor for many years, and Instagram has finally put this false information to sleep. An Instagram post is no longer prioritized by the algorithm because they get more likes or comments in the first 30 minutes after you post. The Insta algorithm will show your posts to these users who regularly engage with you, which means your post will still get a lot of likes and comments, even after the first 30 minutes of posting have passed. In general, it is still important to use the best time to post on Instagram when your audience is most engaged.

Scheduling your Instagram posts for optimized times is the best way to reach your audience when they are most likely to comment and like your content — rather than when they’re half asleep, or more focused on a busy workload. It can be tricky to know exactly when your audience is most active, and this is often specific to a brand’s demographic, location, and area of specialism.

Decoded Myth No2: All Comment Lengths Count as Engagement

One of the longest-running myths about the Instagram algorithm is that it doesn’t count comments that are less than 3 words in length.
The reality is all Insta comments are taken into account, even if they only contain one or two emoji.
In general, comments are an important engagement indicator for the Instagram algorithm, so with this in mind, it’s important to reply to your comments on a regular basis. This keeps conversations active on your content and shows your audience that you’re listening — which will improve the engagement in future interactions.

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Decoded Myth No3: Photos and Videos Are Treated Equally

Instagram confirmed that the algorithm has zero bias between photos and videos. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes the type of content the individual account engages with the most — so if you regularly spend more time engaging with videos, Instagram will show you more video content in your IG feed. This is important for small business brands to benefit from, as video content automatically attracts a longer viewing period due to its extended format. Video also gets 4X more shown on the Instagram Explore page, which is a big advantage when it comes to attracting more engagement.

Advice: New Instagram features, such as Reels, benefit from an extra exposure boost to help drive adoption. It’s always a good idea to embrace new features early. Instagram Reels are discoverable from the main navigation bar. These Reels are simply a copy of TikTok and a huge change on the app. These short videos get a significant push to have users browse and share reels more often.

Decoded Myth No.4: Fake Interactions Don’t Count

Thanks to Instagram’s machine learning algorithm, fake interactions will easily be identified and ranked as such. There is still the benefit of social proof in it, to gain quick trust from users who visit your profile. Instagram shared that the best way to build sustainable engagement is by being genuine, authentic, and transparent on the platform.
Trying to cheat the system long-term doesn’t work, no matter how great your Instagram feed is. If you genuinely want to improve your algorithm ranking in 2021, the most important thing is to post consistently and regularly engage with your audience. Building a genuine relationship with your followers is the most powerful way to hack the Instagram algorithm.

Decoded Myth No.5: All Account Types (Personal/Business/Creator) Are Treated Equally

Want to switch to a Business Profile, but worried it might affect your engagement?
Don’t be! Instagram has confirmed that all account types are treated equally when it comes to the algorithm.
In fact, it all depends on the individual user. If they regularly engage with your content, odds are you’ll rank higher in their Instagram feed.